June 7th, 2007, posted by toolej


tooleJrawr04-1.1 “Finally a proper release”

I changed quite a bit in this patch, consider it the proper release whereas the other one was just a test.

The idea of this foobar was one that was pretty, fairly specific to my theme, but above all else, useable and obvious – it is designed so you do not have to click around for ages to do simple things. It is also configureable as you wish, you can choose from a multitude of options as to what things to have shown and hidden and where.

It may look odd on other visual styles.

- PanelsUI 13
- foo_cwb_hooks
- Browser Panel
- Album List Panel
- Quicksearch Toolbar
- ColumnsUI
- Playcount Official

Download tooleJrawr04-1.1

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14 Responses to “tooleJrawr04-1.1”

  1. Sasha Says:

    Looks fantastic. Just a quick question, where did you get all the great hi res album art from? I’m assuming, but I can’t seem to find where.

  2. Sach Says:

    Whats the VS? it looks awesome

  3. vi-t3ch Says:

    hi, i don´t know how to setup it! I am newbie.. pls help? Can you share it as a pack? Like a Miranda pakcs?

  4. hateradio Says:

    Is there a way to display the album art while there is nothing being played?

    i’m not sure if it’s how it’s supposed to be, but when i go to “album art view” and there’s nothing playing, i only see the “Play” button, i was wondering if the art of the song that was being selected (on focus) could be displayed behind the play button?

  5. Lukas Says:

    Hey You.
    The Style is great.
    But still there’re some problems.
    In the Player window I have two areas: “Playlist” and “Genre”
    Is there any Way to Change “Genre” to “Albums”/or “Artists”. On an screenshot from someone i saw this already.

    And when I change to the utility-window there’s no Style at all. Just the normal PanelsUI- look. In the Screenshot it is also having the design.

    When I Choose “View Album Art” I see the Cover .
    But under The Cover every written line (artist, song and so on) is only displayed half.
    I have every component – .dll-file installed in the right folder.

    What could I have done Wrong.


  6. vi-t3ch Says:

    I can´t see albumart! Where is a folder for albumart?

  7. vi-t3ch Says:

    i´ve got it ;-) but i can´t play shuffle songs :-(

  8. foobar-nu'b Says:

    you forgot to mention about folder \images in the package..what am i suppose to do with it?

  9. Ahmed Kachkach Says:

    Hey you said it : A PROPER RELEASE !

    That’s so far my favorite Foobar VS !

    But juste a thing : It’s a mess now ! The album art don’t show with the playlist but alone ! The utility windows show me a default panel ui theme window , … etc !

    I’m waiting for an updated version of this Vs , please do it fast :p !

    Thx for all what you do ! You’r amazing !


  10. Robin Says:

    This VS is nice but I the colours seems to be wrong?

    Also foo_playcount is not working for me? How can I
    1) disable the counter next to each song
    2) get it to work?

  11. DLL Files Guy Says:

    Yeah.. that high res art is what i need. :)

    Gimme Gimme… lol

  12. Viperb0y Says:


    great Skin! But maybe you can tell me where you got the WinXP Style? Because it’s a bit bugy and I want the newer Version.. I think there should be one (Google told me, but not where ;) )

  13. shans Says:

    hi, thanks for this great work!!

    BTW, if I want to adjust playlist’s font size, how should I do? (Which file I should adjust to control font size?)


  14. manas Says:

    link dead =(