June 8th, 2007, posted by jclim00

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This is a no-titlebar, panels_ui layout designed to work with any visual style, but is based on the excellent Elfen2 VS. This is an as-is layout, I won’t be taking any feature requests but I’ll still try to help people who have problems setting it up. If you want to change something or add or remove panels, you’re on your own.


  • 0.2.0 (06-08-2007)
    • rating system added
    • alternate header style
    • colored text in the readme refer to new layout features or updated info.
  • 0.1.0 (06-02-2007)
    • initial release

required components:

optional components:

See the very comprehensive readme included for installation instructions and usage.

8 Responses to “Elegance”

  1. D Says:

    Despite following the readme, your seekbar is still just a solid bar, it doesn’t progress at all. Am I missing something?

  2. Bo Says:

    Yes you probably are. Great job, jclim00!

  3. centos Says:

    Hi, beatiful config. I’ve one question – I’ve tried to add a Activate now playing button which is very useful for me.
    I added the ‘A’ button in this way:
    $button2($eval($get(offset2) + 65),3,0,0,5,11,’$font(calibri,7,bold uppercase,$get(grey3))a’,'$font(calibri,7,bold uppercase,$get(grey5))a’,ACTIVATE NOW PLAYING,TOOLTIP:Activate)
    but nothing happens. If I change that ‘ACTIVATE NOW PLAYING’ to ‘MENU’ or anything else, it works. Can’t figure out where problem is, any help would be appreciated.

  4. centos Says:

    well, I see now, this is Album list problem. Choosing anything from album list causes lost of previous albums. It would be nice if it there would be an option of sending albums to playlists with variables, such as %artist%

  5. sotothehail Says:

    Instead of having people download the whole Microsoft File Pack to get the Calibri font, you can prolly add this link instead:


  6. Josh Says:

    Can you happen to tell me where it is pulling up the cover art from albums. As in, what directory? It only pulls up random albums, and I’m trying to find a way to pull up all cover art.

  7. Bublik Says:

    can u reupload your foobar plz…
    couse all the links are dead =(

  8. Scotty Says:

    Well, I’ve finally learned about Foobar2000 and have been wrestling with it all day. The sound quality using FLAC files is going to make it worthwhile… I hope.

    Anyways. I’m trying to settle on using Elegance which is easily the best UI for it. However, contrary to the README, the progress and volume bars are NOT missing because of Windows theme. My theme is silver. I can see a progress bar beneath the album art and another underlying the song name. However, neither of these are clickable. In fact, clicking on the one beneath album art simply shows compression info.

    Similarly, there is no volume control outside of going into Options and changing it there!

    I also haven’t been able to find where to set my # of star preferences for a track/album.

    Hope to see these niggles get worked out because Elegance is well on its way to being a fine interface ^_^