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June 8th, 2007

(get newest release here)

This is a no-titlebar, panels_ui layout designed to work with any visual style, but is based on the excellent Elfen2 VS. This is an as-is layout, I won’t be taking any feature requests but I’ll still try to help people who have problems setting it up. If you want to change something or add or remove panels, you’re on your own.


  • 0.2.0 (06-08-2007)
    • rating system added
    • alternate header style
    • colored text in the readme refer to new layout features or updated info.
  • 0.1.0 (06-02-2007)
    • initial release

required components:

optional components:

See the very comprehensive readme included for installation instructions and usage.

GSM_flavored mod v0.1.5
April 21st, 2007

Finally completed the visual style independent, no titlebar version of GSM_flv. See the readme for installation notes!

Download here!



  • Based on the GSM visual styles
  • 2 color themes, dark and light
  • Slim mode with the ability to hide portions of the layout by switching panels and hiding them
  • Library mode for a more traditional foobar layout
  • Album mode and Singles mode SCPL automatically switch depending on the user sort (when properly configured)
  • User-scaled album art
  • Clean and simple design to fit in with any desktop layout

Plugins Required

Plugins Optional

  • foo_uie_wsh_panel (may cause crashes on close, required for scrollable seekbar)
  • foo_lyricsdb (user run online lyrics database, writes a %lyrics% tag to apev2 tags)
  • foo_uie_lyrics (lyrics panel, supports timestamps but has buggy mousewheel scrolling under panels_ui)
  • foo_playcount (displays a total # of times the song has been played in scpl)

Fonts Required

  • Calibri
  • AvantGarde LT Medium
  • AvantGarde LT Medium caps