Fooblog2000 is a website dedicated to reporting and discussing the latest foobar2000 audio player developments, specifically the ongoing and exciting 3rd party component development.

Along with news and update announcements we hope to provide you with regular tips and guides for coding and designing your own foobar2000 interface, include interesting and relevant articles, provide full configuration download packages and lots more things as we think of them.

The website is maintained by Hydrogen Audio forums member FofR and was launched on 20th February 2007.

14 Responses to “About”

  1. W0lf Says:

    Is there ever going to be a FofR with just one small installation file?

  2. Alejandro Says:

    I’m trying to get FofR Configuration v0.6, and everything works perfect except for the album art.
    I just don’t know how to configure it… I have a directory (let’s suppouse is “c:\covers”) with all the album art of my collection in the form “artist – album.jpg”
    How do I have to change this
    // Now Playing Album Art Source

    so it displays the covers?
    thanks a lot and excuse my broken English

  3. akuma Says:

    ahahah! yes, you’re british..
    thanks, man. i appreciate what you’re doing.

  4. Pete Says:

    Is there any way you can tell me what theme you have for your windows and where i can download it??

  5. Jenny Says:

    Hi there

    I love FofR conf. v0.6 but it really doesn’t work well on my widescreen (1400*900)

    I’m a total noob, what can I do to fix this.


  6. cheesemonster Says:

    ^^ errm, don’t run it full screen? Why in godsname would you want to do that? So much empty space..it’s just ridiculous IMHO.

  7. topdownjimmy Says:

    Thanks for doing this, FofR, it’s a great idea for keeping people abreast of foobar news, without having to trek through the forums.

    It seems your emphasis is primarily on styling foobar, though, namely with PanelsUI. Many of us still prefer Columns UI, however, which is why I’d love to see more announcements for new, interesting components (like the new playcount mods) or for new versions of some of the more popular components in development (like foo_dop).

    The foobar user base seems to be moving away from function and usability toward eye-candy, making it even more difficult to find important stuff among the forums, and making a site like this even more valuable for those of us who want to USE foobar, not just look at it.

  8. joe Says:

    Hi there, I’ve seen a few screen shots with buttons. though familiar with some other components I don’t know where/what code to add to have the buttons, volume and seek bar shown in between the search and play-list drop down. In your scrolling screening it shows them – could you email me with a few instructions. Would be a great help. thanks

    Best wishes,

  9. tadaaaaaa Says:

    Whats your opinion on the absence of Terrestrial and the “offensive thread”?

  10. killua Says:

    Hello ^_____^
    errm, I am from China,and i want to translate foobar2000 to simple Chinese.Can you give me some tips?

  11. Ruediger Says:


    in the last days I have witten a tutorial of FofR for german forum users. Please have a look whether the tutorial is worth to translate in English for international FofR users. http://foobar-users.de/index.php?topic=1128.0

    I would do a raw translation and another better English speaking user do the fine tuning.

  12. Nibi Says:

    Any chance you will add dvd/cd-cases somewhere in your config? Perhaps in the library part where we’re viewing small thumbnails of the album art? Jewel-cases look cool, i don’t know how applicable they are these days when most music is downloaded, but they definitely look cool. I’d like to point to a config which utilizes cd-cases but has them all wrong:
    I think the small thumbnails should have the cd-case but the big album art display should just have the image.

    but like i said, i am not sure how applicable cd-cases are since not all discs come in a jewelcase. Some come in a cardboard-sleeve type case.
    your thoughts on this?

  13. John Says:

    I ripped about 1000 CDs onto an external harddisk using Vista’s Media Player and am playing them through a Logitech Squeezebox in .wav format. I have noticed about 600 tracks are not labeled and have been told that the problem is that they did not get tagged when they were ripped.

    Would your product be able to tag the untagged tracks so they can be identified by Squeezebox?



  14. hobarey Says:

    do you have foo_input_mslive add-on (for mms, rtsp connection)
    I finding. (yunuslacin@mynet.com)

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