CepiPerez’s Dark config v1.27
May 27th, 2007, posted by CepiPerez

Version 1.27 (May 27, 2007):

  • Miniplayer mode
  • Languages English and Spanish available
  • Possibility to select between unlimited backgrounds
  • AlbumArt component for slideshows
  • New Options panel in Playlist (sort order, playlist color, playlist selector, album list panel)
  • New Options in Now playing panel (artist image, album cover, autoscale)
  • New Options in Lyrics Panel (compressed lyrics, expanded lyrics, timestamped lyrics)
  • Use Artist picture as background
  • Use small artist image / small album cover
  • Show/hide big album cover
  • Button to get lyrics using lyricsDB
  • Link to Artist website
  • Rating buttons
  • Artist images
  • Album covers
  • Black / White / Transparent Playlist
  • Full Albums / Singles mode in Playlist
  • PNG / JPG images format in Artist or Cover image
  • Auto scale images in Now Playing panel
  • Brightness / Shadow in settings panel
  • Check if you install the images in the right place (or set the images folder)
  • Font and fontsize selection (in the main layout)

Components needed:
- Columns UI Updated version!!!
- Panels_UI
- Album List
- Unofficial Playcount
- Cwb Hooks
- Lyrics DB
- QuickSearch Toolbar
- Playlists Dropdown
- Foo Run Services
- Lyric Show panel
- Album Art panel
- CoverArt Downloader (Not a plugin. Check in the thread how to install and use)
- WSH Panels (UNSTABLE. It makes the blue volume bar and progress bar.)

Download Images from here
Download PUI file from here
Download Help from here

Copy the Help and PUI file in PanelsUI folder (C:\Program files\foobar2000\PanelsUI)
Unzip images in your foobar install folder (C:\Program files\foobar2000). Be sure you get this folder: C:\Program files\foobar2000\dark1. If you get C:\Program files\foobar2000\dark1\dark1 or C:\Program files\foobar2000\images\dark1 folder then the skin won’t work. You must to set the images folder if you want to use your own images location).

After install:
- Go to Preferences (Ctrl+P) -> Display -> Panels UI and press “Reset Page” button

Enjoy it.

24 Responses to “CepiPerez’s Dark config v1.27”

  1. Michael Says:

    Great config! One problem, though… The playlist section only shows the shadow under each item and not the actual black text like the ones in this screenshot: http://www.mccartney.com.ar/dark1/1.26/06a.jpg . How do I fix that/what am I doing wrong? Other than that, I love it!

  2. mroffline Says:


    easy to install & a very nice design!!

    still missing my beloved “playlist order button”

    ^^ ;-)

  3. D Says:

    Works brilliantly apart from one problem which I can’t seem to fix. When transparency is enabled on the playlist, it just sets the scpl background as white. Am I making a glaring error here, or is transparency only available using vista?


  4. Michael Says:

    The playlist window looks exactly the same to me… maybe I just need to upgrade to Vista :-\

  5. FofR Says:

    You need the latest PanelsUI for the transparency features, it seems the site is down at the moment though.

  6. D Says:

    Ah, of course! I’m still using .12. Stupid me, I thought I’d got the newest one. Sorry for the stupidity

  7. profane Says:

    Great config but i have a problem. In one of the SS’s up top it shows the library having images when browsing the ARTIST section. I dont have any images only text, the only thing that shows the art is when browsing ALBUM (Large). What can i do to fix this?

  8. rayy Says:

    Still getting a 404 with panels UI, and the guys username isn’t even on the site still.

  9. >mephisto Says:

    is very nice. but could you build in the playlist tree panel for view the database files?

  10. Austin Says:

    Great config, it is way better than my old Columns UI setup. One question, is it possible to chance the lyrics font size independent of the rest of the player?

  11. Michael Says:

    One more question: the now playing section doesn’t grab the artist image… how do I get this to work?

  12. Paul Says:

    Ok, I installed everything as directed, but I had to use a custom image directory (using XP x64, so foobar was installed to “Program Files (x86)” directory by default). When I run foobar, however, I get a blank black window with a message saying “Error trying to get images. Please install the files correctly or set the images location in the code.” So, that’s exactly what I did (for both images location and foobar location), but it’s still not working.

    $setpvar(ImgLocation,D:\Program Files (x86)\foobar2000\Dark1\)

    // SET FOOBAR2000 PATH
    $setpvar(fooPath,D:\Program Files (x86)\foobar2000\)

    That’s what is set, and that’s where everything is. I admit I am a noob here. I’m hoping I am staring the solution right in the face?

  13. FofR Says:

    You might need to make it:
    $setpvar(ImgLocation,D:\Program Files ‘(‘x86′)’\foobar2000\Dark1\)

  14. Paul Says:

    Ah, that did the trick FofR, thanks. I had only tried quoting the entire path, not just the parenthesis.

  15. palombasso Says:

    Can I make the miniplayer display album art instead of artist art?

  16. Lars Says:

    I’m getting 404 on some of the components I need to download :( Anyone got a mirror?

  17. Matt Says:

    Every time i click the “settings” button
    i just get a blank white box

    and every time i exit foobar i get an illegal operation error, help pleasE?

  18. Indrek Says:

    The PanelsUI files seem to have been updated (to v1.30), and thus the URLs have been changed.
    PUI file: http://www.mccartney.com.ar/dark1/Dark1.30.pui
    Images: http://www.mccartney.com.ar/dark1/Dark1.30.zip

    Also, you can download PanelsUI (v0.13.6 beta) here:

  19. king274 Says:

    [quote]and every time i exit foobar i get an illegal operation error, help pleasE?[/quote]

    same here…..

  20. trainwreck Says:

    Getting the same illegal operation error. by the way, i installed album art XUI (requiring .NET 3.0)

  21. Oevi Says:

    Hi, i want to install this nice config but some files aren’t on the server anymore.
    unofficial playcount

    Where can i get these files?

  22. g Says:

    here are the links:

  23. jakuraz Says:

    why dont u(the uploader) just zip all the file into 1 zip file??
    easier laaaaaaa!!!!!
    if we have to download 1 by 1,very hard…and some files are missing..got 404 http error…maybe the server down…

  24. EverlithiumStone Says:

    I can’t download images and *.pui, it shows an error “The file was not found on the server”, can anyone help? …