PanelsUI 12 (and 11…)
May 11th, 2007, posted by FofR

Terrestrial has been hard at work developing the PanelsUI component we have all come to know and love. With these two updates come a number of interesting changes. The most significant of these are the ability to pop-up a new panelsUI window, the second is an inbuilt PanelsUI compatible Library Filter panel. The new reset option makes installation of configurations that use defaults much easier also.


  • New “Library Filter” panel. a bit similar to Album List but with the ability to “and” and “not” nodes. also uses the current scpl sort/group settings when sending to playlist. use the sample “library.pp” layout file with a POPUP: to see how to customize.
  • Button in settings dialog to clear PVARs


  • Window title updates on pause
  • New “track globals” which are also evaluated before sorting/grouping. Keep this small and fast.
  • Tweaked sort/group criteria to use new track globals
  • “Reset Page” in Panels UI preferences resets to defaults
  • New button POPUP:”layout file” to create a new panels ui window.

Download PanelsUI Version 0.12 – does this URL ever change?

EDIT: Look at that, it did change, new URL:

Something to note, there is an additional .dll file in this installation that must be placed in the fb2k directory NOT the components directory. This is to help prevent a number of crashes that some users were experiencing.

9 Responses to “PanelsUI 12 (and 11…)”

  1. 4nT1 Says:

    I hope all is well FofR, can’t wait for your next config release with support for library filter and all the extra goodies…

  2. adrian Says:

    does FofR configuration 0.7 work with panel ui 0.12 and 0.11 ?

  3. FofR Says:


  4. 4nT1 Says:

    There is a new version of Panels out.

    + library filter tweaks
    + transparent background for scpl (scrolling will be slower)
    + transparent background for library filter & track displays.
    + new Library Filter defaults (hit reset page to get defaults)

    How long till we need another update with library filter and other goodies…

  5. Hamster Says:

    FofR 0.72 is crashing at loading, using foobar and PanelsUI 0.13

  6. Hamster Says:

    Me again, i got it working now, but is it normal that i cannot get the Preferences dialog and the explorer-view or playlisttree to use the theme of the rest of the program? :(

  7. sc911 Says:

    the download link seems to be broken…

  8. Michael Says:

    Can someone upload it please?

  9. Joha Says:

    Fix your download please