Fooblog Development
March 21st, 2007, posted by FofR

Good day to you all, I hope you are enjoying the latest of my configurations and aren’t having too many problems with it.

The purpose of this post is to make a request. I am looking to build an easy to use PanelsUI configuration file (.pui) database that uses the WordPress/forums user base, login system and cookies (and possibly a component database too). I am hoping to make it as simple and efficient as possible for both users wishing to install configurations and those wishing to upload them. I am hoping for the following:

  • A ratings system
  • Comments and review system
  • Components used (choose from drop down)
  • Upload forms
  • etc.

The problem is, my PHP skills aren’t that good so I need someone to help out with the development of this, particularly someone with experience in developing WordPress plugins. If you feel it may take a long time I can pay you for your services.

If you are interested in helping out leave a message in the comments and I’ll contact you by the email address you provide.

7 Responses to “Fooblog Development”

  1. Greenek Says:

    Hi. I think I can help you in it ;) Send me details.

  2. Robert Newbould Says:

    I had a similar idea recently to develop a website to cover all aspects of foobar2000 configuration, primarily to make it easier for users to share and comment on each other’s layouts.
    I haven’t started any work on this idea so far because of my University commitments but if you are going ahead with this I’d be able to help with the PHP. I have no experience in developing WordPress plugins however.

  3. jclim00 Says:

    Looking forward to this :) The PUI thread in hydrogenaudio is getting cluttered up enough with stuff that doesn’t really pertain to the configs.

  4. Bookgrub Says:

    One thing needed to make this happen and happen easily is for the plugin use to be almost transparent.

    I used to use LiteStep, an alternative to Windows Explorer for a Windows GUI, and one of the best things they did to make it usable for beginners was a plugin repository/updater.

    If we could include as part of this effort a plugin repository (with naming conventions etc.), and add to the start of each .pui file a section for specifying what plugins (and the needed versions) are required, it would be fairly easy for someone to write a little app that reads the .pui and checks the repository to automatically download the required plugins.

    This might be something to incorporate in PanelsUI itself, but I don’t know if that will make it as broadly useful (the updater could also just check for newer versions of any plugins you have, not just those in .pui files).

  5. shakey_snake Says:

    great idea.

  6. zen Says:

    Your best bet in ten steps :

    1. create a wp category specifically for PUI configs.

    2. Allow users to register to a user-group that allows uploading.

    3. Install UTW – Ultimate Tag warrior plugin.

    4. Create a new wp item & single-post templates for PUI posts

    5. Design some CSS for your requested specific elements

    6. Write a post :

    title : name of PUI config
    content : description of needed installation details etc.

    tags : components required, component, component

    7. Publish post under PUI category, enable comments

    8. Install wp Ratings plugin

    9. Install Advanced-Live-Search for AJAX finding

    10. Install Advanced-search for deep database searching

    Optional ;)

    11. wp Global-Translator? You can see it working on my site.

    12. imagebox.js for previews?

    13. create a wp Components category…

    14. …and use UTW to tag it to its relevant component-tag

    15. add a unique to-components tag eg. ‘see_component’

    16. components category then gives all new components

    17. looking @ /tag/see_component+columnsui gives you component

    18. Rss Feeds are available for both new PUIs and components

    19. A few php scripts could allow for users to see only all the components they have downloaded / are using and if there are newer versions available for download

    20. Install wp recent-comments plugin for frontpage!

    Give us a shout if you need a hand.

  7. t Says:

    Please do a 5 star rating with halves!!
    I would help but I’m clueless