CepiPerez’s Dark config v1.1
March 27th, 2007, posted by CepiPerez

Version 1.1:

  • Languages English and Spanish availables
  • Possibility to select between ulimited backgrounds
  • New player buttons
  • Use Artist picture as background
  • Use small artist image / small album cover
  • Show/hide big album cover
  • Button to get lyrics using lyricsDB
  • Link to Artist website
  • Rating buttons
  • Artist images
  • Album covers

Components needed:
Columns UI
Panels_UI 0.8.1
Unofficial Playcount
Cwb Hooks
Lyrics DB
QuickSearch Toolbar
Playlists Dropdown
Foo Run Services

Download my images from here
Download my PUI file from here


Copy the PUI file in PanelsUI folder (C:\Program files\foobar2000\PanelsUI)
Unzip images in your foobar install folder (C:\Program files\foobar2000). Be sure you get this folder: C:\Program files\foobar2000\dark1. If you get C:\Program files\foobar2000\dark1\dark1 or C:\Program files\foobar2000\images\dark1 folder then the skin won’t work.

After install:
- Go to Preferences (Ctrl+P) -> Media Library. Delete my folders and add yours.
- Go to Preferences (Ctrl+P) -> Tools -> Playcount and add this to appended information: %W %D/%M/%y

How to use the artist website link button:
It works when you have a metadata called “WWW” in the mp3 tags.
Go to Preferences -> Run services and add a new one labeled “web”, in Path put “iexplore.exe %WWW%”.

How to use backgrounds:
Just put your backgrounds images in %foobarInstall%\Dark1\walls folder.
Rename the image using correlative numbers (1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg, etc.)

How to use artists images:
Artist images must be in %foobarInstall%\Artists folder or in the mp3 folder in JPG format
The name of the image must be the same of the artist (Metallica.jpg)

How to use album covers:
Album covers can be in %foobarInstall%\Covers folder (Artist – Album.jpg) or in the mp3 folder (folder.jpg)

Enjoy it.

27 Responses to “CepiPerez’s Dark config v1.1”

  1. uRT Says:

    Really nice work :)

  2. tomsen Says:

    The whole foobar thing is rather new to me, any tips on how to change the settings to work with album art as .png in mp3 folder rather than .jpg?

  3. fauxgliterrati Says:

    nice… very nice… glasstastic! :)

    in Now Playing where it says
    MP3 214kbps 44 kHzStereo

    is there a line i could add to that bit of code so it would show what bitrate switch was used like V0/V2/FLAC

    so that it might look like MP3 214kbps V0 44kHzStereo for example?

    thanks in advance if you could help out

  4. Snarf Says:

    The link for Lyrics DB seems to be dead (404 Not Found)
    It’s pointing at beta4 but there is already beta5
    Grab it here: http://lyrics.mirkforce.net/files/foo_lyricsdb_007_beta5.zip

  5. CepiPerez Says:

    you need to change the extensions in the code.
    It’s a lot of code. Wait for the next version.
    I’ll include this option.

    I’ll include this on my next update.

  6. fauxgliterrati Says:

    ok thats cool, i realise know that the FLAC tag does show, its just really the mp3 switches. All in all this config can’t be faulted, you should sit back and admire your handy work my friend.

  7. DisruptioN Says:

    One issue:

    Whilst clicking the top-left “menu” button, my foobar crashes with the error: Unhandled exception: Overflow

    Other than that thanks for the config.. It owns all others Ive seen ^^

  8. Jeff Says:


    I must be doing something fantastically wrong, but I can see all the images and stuff, but I’m stuck on the playlist page!


    It shouldn’t look like that, right?


  9. Damian Says:

    I have the same problem that Jeff has ? Any help ?

  10. Damian Says:

    The files are not ok!

    See this topic:


    now it’s working ;)

  11. zen Says:


    try the images zip direct from the forums…

  12. Bastian S. Says:

    Very good work, best one so far, IMO… The only thing: How can I sort the playlist? Can’t seem to find the button, and the Sort by artist one that is used by default makes Samplers look bad ;-)

  13. D Says:

    For any of you having problems being stuck on one page, there are buttons commented out which you need to remove the comment lines from so that you can use them.

  14. CepiPerez Says:

    I’ve made an update!
    Please download panels_ui 0.9.1, the PUI file and the images again. I’ve added a lot of things and fix some problems.

  15. CepiPerez Says:

    I don’t know how to update this post, so please go to this link and download the new files:
    About the playlist, the new version has a new option in the context menu to sort / group by.

  16. Roccstar2 Says:

    Hey.. sweet config!! Hope that we will get a lot more config’s like this one and better!

    I have just one problem.. I am stuck on the playlist page.. and I don’t know how to get to a different page..

    Any help would be appreciated..


  17. fauxgliterrati Says:

    Great update CepiPerez!
    i had a few problems with the update but that was strictly user problems.
    you’ve implemented some really nice touches. i especially want to thankyou for the MP3 switch and bitrate system update.

    great work

  18. fauxgliterrati Says:


    make sure the new Dark1 folder in your Foobar install folder reads as dark1 (with lowercase d) not Dark1. i had the same problem, checked the configs, and its looking for dark1 not Dark1

  19. bustz0rz Says:

    Hmm, i got a problem. My foobar looks like this now:


    I’ve looked over the settings like 1000 times, but I can’t find what I’ve done wrong. :\
    Anyone knows?

  20. Suzanne Says:

    Your images and PUI links do not work.

  21. viriidity Says:

    yeah. the pui links are not working.
    can anyone uploaded the new one?

  22. Andrea Says:

    Amazing work! Thanks for sharing :)

  23. ¿Quién dijo que Foobar2000 era feo? Says:

    [...] En Fooblog2000 comentan cómo instalarlo. Para los que no se lleven bien con el inglés no hay más que copiar los componentes en la carpeta components, el archivo pui a una carpeta PanelsUI y las imágenes en una carpeta dark1, todas en el directorio de Foobar2000. Para activar el nuevo estilo en las preferencias de Foobar2000 nos dirigimos a Display -> PanelsUI y en la lista desplegable de Layout seleccionamos el pui correspondiente. [...]

  24. Criminal Says:

    Very nice work. It’s awesome the change of look my foobar has done ^_^. Thanks man.
    The only problem i’ve seen is that the lyrics don’t show dots and breaklines, is there a way to show the text formatted or will it be improved in the next version?

    Only one think more, I want to show the cover with the box as if it was the original cd box, just like it’s showed in one of the screenshots, but I haven’t realized how to do it, can you help me a bit with that, pleeeease?

  25. jakeo Says:

    This is beautiful. Nice work.

  26. alex_mark Says:

    hello! excellent “skin” for the great foobar2000. One question, could I modify the balloon in the tray icon? only appear the song name, i would want “artist – song name”

    thanx ;)

  27. Linus Says:

    not wanting to sound like a cock, but wouldnt this be much better just compiled into a simple exe?
    also, please fix your links… currently your images and your PUI are unavailable, rendering the script useless…