New $eval function in PanelsUI
February 24th, 2007, posted by FofR

Not a lot of people seemed to have noticed this so I will bring it to your attention here. As of PanelsUI 0.6.1 beta (Feb 16th), Terrestrial has included a maths evaluation function, $eval.

Valid operators are + – / * @(modulus) {} (instead of parenthesis)

Here are some simple examples:
$eval(1+2*3), outputs 7 – multiplication performed first.
$eval({1+2}/3), outputs 1 – example of parenthesis

For a progress bar example of width 100:

One Response to “New $eval function in PanelsUI”

  1. toolej Says:

    I want them to add stuff like ^ and ln() log() sin() etc so we can have moar fun with math.