How can foobar continue to improve?
February 25th, 2007, posted by FofR

I am of course referring to 3rd party component development. With Terrestrial’s recent developments the foobar aesthetic capabilities have increased dramatically and we are all seeing some great design ideas. But I want to ask you now, what do you think is the next step in 3rd party development? What should be the next step? What features do you feel foobar still sorely lacks?

I personally would love to have some sort of web interactivity – the ability to scrape or download information from the web, for instance a wiki entry for each artist I am listening to.

(Feel free to post some article requests in the comments also – this platform is open for anyone to make a post once they have registered here.)

15 Responses to “How can foobar continue to improve?”

  1. mil3s Says:

    Full skin support would be cool. Terrestrial is almost there imo. I hope he continues to develop his plugin.

    And I almost forgot to mention. A decent visualization would be very cool. I’d be happy with something like in Winamp.

  2. SpaceChief Says:

    You can do that with foo_run like this for instance:$replace(%artist%, ,+)&ie=utf-8

  3. Spike Says:

    We need Open Source foobar2000. Sorry for offtop. But we really need it.

  4. fejfighter Says:

    I think one of the only things foobar is lacking is any (other than ipods) portable device support,
    apart from that, dont change it too much, its good

  5. Darko Says:

    We need third-party plugin for monitoring the folders in the Media Library, and updating it as the content changes. It’s a pain to rescan the whole library after I rename a single folder.

  6. evil mushroom Says:

    Definitely some way to at least check all of your components for updates, if not automatically install them.

  7. t Says:

    1. full skin support

    2. i think the future of audio players is songbird
    it will solve all the problems mentioned here

  8. slackhead Says:

    As Darko said, dynamic monitoring of your library would be great.

    But my numero uno wish is for VST plugin support.

  9. profane Says:

    Id really like to see transparency support for the playlist and other panels. Right now i have 1 huge image for the background and it would look much better if my play list blended in with it.

  10. t Says:

    Songbird looks nice, but sorry to say it, at first look it seems a iTunes ripoff, just hope they make it better.
    I don’t use iTunes as an audio player, its too damn big, and to be honest with foobar its perfect size for any screen.

    foobar new features?
    Embedded mp3tag cover support.

  11. toolej Says:

    Greater interaction with services like would be cool.

    The next step is to get recognised by big vendors more. However winamp didn’t do that very well at all and that has a huge userbase.

  12. toolej Says:

    And also opensource would be a godsend.

  13. Fooblog2000 » Synergy (a Foobar2000 resource) Says:

    [...] with fb2k is the lack of components that have web-interactivity, in fact my comments in the “How can foobar continue to improve?” post were something to this [...]

  14. virus Says:

    A better irc plugin, AMIP is ok but doesn’t function as well as Media Displayer.

  15. Longbowman Says:

    can play video and DVD