GSM_flavored mod v0.1.5
April 21st, 2007, posted by jclim00

Finally completed the visual style independent, no titlebar version of GSM_flv. See the readme for installation notes!

Download here!



  • Based on the GSM visual styles
  • 2 color themes, dark and light
  • Slim mode with the ability to hide portions of the layout by switching panels and hiding them
  • Library mode for a more traditional foobar layout
  • Album mode and Singles mode SCPL automatically switch depending on the user sort (when properly configured)
  • User-scaled album art
  • Clean and simple design to fit in with any desktop layout

Plugins Required

Plugins Optional

  • foo_uie_wsh_panel (may cause crashes on close, required for scrollable seekbar)
  • foo_lyricsdb (user run online lyrics database, writes a %lyrics% tag to apev2 tags)
  • foo_uie_lyrics (lyrics panel, supports timestamps but has buggy mousewheel scrolling under panels_ui)
  • foo_playcount (displays a total # of times the song has been played in scpl)

Fonts Required

  • Calibri
  • AvantGarde LT Medium
  • AvantGarde LT Medium caps

24 Responses to “GSM_flavored mod v0.1.5”

  1. idle ennui Says:

    the other site is down.

    thanks for the post

  2. blak. Says:

    fantastic!! excellent job. thx!!

  3. midievil Says:

    is anyone else having issues getting it to look right? i can’t get the buttons to show up…everything is in the right folders, too.

    could it be a problem with the new panels ui (version 0.10.0)? and if so, can someone link me to 0.9.2?

  4. wasabi Says:

    for some reason the album art wont pop up. anyone know how to fix it?

  5. jclim00 Says:

    It’s the new panels UI, working on figuring out what’s changed and how to fix.

  6. wasabi Says:

    oh i see. could you post if you figure it out? i’m not an expert at customizing foo. =(

  7. kalay Says:

    guys help everything is running okay but i dont see the buttons ;( I just dont see them am i missing something

  8. toto666 Says:

    # kalay Says:
    April 25th, 2007 at 8:28 am

    guys help everything is running okay but i dont see the buttons ;( I just dont see them am i missing something
    May be you are using the new panels ui (version 0.10.0). If so perhaps you need to create your images folder inside the PanelsUI folder not inside the foobar2000 folder as stated in the readme.txt


  9. kalay Says:

    okay tnx but i still have problems i dont see all the buttons

  10. toto666 Says:

    Check your images directory, is there 16 images?

  11. kalay Says:

    yea 16 in both of them /

  12. dan Says:

    I can’t get this to work… maybe it’s because I have a newer version of panels ui, does anyone know where I can download panels ui 0.9.2? I wish these downloads were packaged with the same dll’s that the creator of the mod used :\

  13. TOTO Says:

    I have the new panelsUi (10.2 beta)and Last Foobar2000 version and it works fine.

    1)in display-panelsui- userglobals
    put the name of images (eg cover.jpg, Front.jpg or other, no .*)

    2)Path for images have change. In my case the path is

    3)try copy and paste into the scpl layout selector code box
    The explaination are in the “readme-sortgroup.txt”. This work for me.

    4) scrollable seekbar foo_uie_wsh_panel work fine and doesn’t crash for me.

  14. wasabi Says:

    what if i don’t have an album image but embed it in the song?

  15. dan Says:

    Thanks Toto… got it to work

  16. ic Says:

    This skin has been deleted as the site. Anyone know if there will be further updates in the future?

  17. AidanM Says:

    Does anyone have a link to download the latest version of the config since it was deleted off Still am unable to get the album art to show up on the SCPL. Hope jclim00 updates this config!

  18. marf Says:

    This skin is great. But I have a problem, because my seekbar doesnt work :( Help me!

  19. Toto Says:

    marf;it means you have install foo_uie_wsh_panel.dll, then you need to search for:

    // 0 – progress bar, 1 – scrollable seekbar (requires wsh panel, may be buggy, known to cause crashes)

    the default value is 0, put it to 1 in panelUI /global layout

  20. marf Says:

    I cant find it :{ Could you write me an exact localization of these options?

  21. toto Says:

    right click ->setting ->panel UI -> layout globals (then scroll down to find the parameter to edit)-> save

  22. spacegoat Says:

    link is broken, here is a working one:

  23. argivian Says:

    i have followed the instructions that comes with the files. tried to applied the setting and placed all the image files in the “images” folder my foobar still looks weird. seems the none of the images has been loaded (buttons, noart image and etc).
    anyone knows why?
    i think i might have done something stupid.
    heres my screenie


  24. Smuikas Says:

    Could someone take a look at my call for help in the forums? I’ve been trying to get Panels UI to work (with ANY add-on) to no avail.. Not even this one will import :)