SlanXP Minimal
June 26th, 2007, posted by Blooooo

The idea I had was complete minimalism, nothing that would waste any space. So of course, it may look like Fisher-Price foobar compared to the other releases, but that’s the point of minimalism. It’s painfully easy to use, click M to get to the Mini Player, P to get to playlist, and double click M to get to the diagnostic. All the browsing options can be found at the top of the playlist, and need their own color coordinated. Also its quite an easy start if you want to learn how to code foobar, everything is right there as you see it. And if not obvious, the foobar looks best with the SlanXP visual style.

SlanXP Minimal needs PanelsUI Version 13.7+


Download SlanXP Minimal



15 Responses to “SlanXP Minimal”

  1. Michael Says:

    Looks cool! Thanks for your time and effort!

  2. Gabriel Says:

    Why arent my buttons working?

    i know its general, but thats the only problem im having.

  3. Blooooo Says:

    Which buttons aren’t working?

  4. x9 Says:


    the stupid file download site won’t co-operate with me.
    I keep putting the right letters in and it sends me right back to where I started!

  5. Blooooo Says:

    Here’s a mirror, sorry about the problem

  6. x9 Says:

    Thankyou very much.

  7. hardway Says:

    I suck at coding foobar but I can’t seem to get this looking like your screen shots. Notably my mini-player is missing the seekbar and my playlist view doesn’t have one either.

  8. hardway Says:

    I tried to use this and have all the required components but it doesn’t show up like it does in your screen shots. On mine it’s missing the progress bar on the mini and playlist mode. I haven’t tried to mess with any of the code but I don’t think I have to. What am I doing wrong? :(

  9. Blooooo Says:

    @ la last 2 people

    Sorry, you have to downgrade to panelsUI 13.7, I’m not sure why.

    Although this is about 6 days late.

    Sup /g/

  10. a Says:

    So, is this site dead now what with Terrestrial getting seriously bad feedback from all sides?

  11. Flakker Says:

    really nice style for foobar, thanks a lot. However Im having problems getting the progress bar to display. I have the latest panels UI installed, any ideas anyone?

  12. 101 Says:

    Does not work, anyway. No seekbar and no buttons

  13. John Says:

    The dependencies listed are no where to be found.

  14. max Says:

    the hotkeys (M,L,P,B) aren’t working for me…anyone else have this problem?

  15. t Says:

    hey i have a question about the album art…all my album art is saved in the folder with the album, not in any specific that why i’m not seeing any album art?

    and in the user globals it doesn’t say cover* it says folder.*

    or am i just completely lost?