PanelsUI Version 10
April 23rd, 2007, posted by FofR

With the end of Easter comes the much awaited PanelsUI v0.10.0. Terrestrial has been hard at work resolving a number of issues, specifically related to the powerful new sort/group criteria.

Without further adieu,


  • Window size/position stored in pui
  • FILTER: button sorts by current sort/group
  • Tray context menu
  • SORTGROUP_PRESET:index button (where index is the number of the preset)
  • $sortgroup_preset(index) returns the name of the specified preset.
  • %sortgroup_preset_count% returns the number of presets
  • %sortgroup% to get the name of the current sort/group criteria
  • Changed $playlistname() to %playlistname%
  • %sortgroup% returns the current sort/group.
  • %groupformat% (only valid in SCPL “Group Display”) to get the current group by string.
  • “Singles” layout is chosen as default. Use this + %groupformat% to handle different grouping criteria dynamically.
  • Changed base path to be relative to layout folder.
    eg. if you have your pui in ..\foobar2000\PanelsUI\MyTheme\MyTheme.pui
    then /images\myimage.jpg would be:
  • Customizable double click / middle click actions
  • Sort/group settings are remembered by playlist name and applied on playlist changes
  • + misc bug fixes / tweaks

This version also comes with some much improved sort/group criteria defaults for artist, album, date, folder, rating, random and type. If you are using PanelsUI v0.9+ already, to see these defaults you will have to remove the panels component, open fb2k and select “no” when it asks if you want to save settings, then close fb2k, re-add the component and open. You will have to select your pui again and you will lose your home-made sort strings, so back them up first.

Same ol’ link: Download

I am presently working on a compatible FofR Config v0.7 (which uses the defaults in v10), soon to be coming to a town near you.

18 Responses to “PanelsUI Version 10”

  1. 4nT1 Says:

    Can’t wait for this release – do you have any new features planned? What about Playlist Tree Panel support.. lets hope it works this time.. :)

  2. FofR Says:

    Yes it will be included.

  3. D Says:

    I don’t like the relative base path change. Mainly because it means moving everything, but I suppose it will mean cleaner installs of downloaded themes in the long run

  4. Tony Bernardo Says:

    Playlist Tree Panel support and _uniform artwork size in playlist_! You can do it by putting the artwork in the header – apparently :-p

  5. 4nT1 Says:

    When can we expect an update FofR.. want to test it out with all the new features of Panels 0.10.0…

  6. FofR Says:

    Here’s a preview of the release:

    Header artwork now an option.

    Any more requests?

  7. legzalito Says:

    Yeah : quiiiiiiiiick :P !

  8. Tony Bernardo Says:

    You da man!!! Seriously, thanks a lot – it’s very much appreciated.


  9. Tony Bernardo Says:

    Actually, I thought of one more thing; when rating an album is it possible to have the ‘ALBUM RATING’ tag applied to all the files in the album, rather than just the currently playing/highlighted?

  10. FofR Says:

    Just select them all by clicking the header. Then hit the rate button.

  11. grimwall Says:

    FoFR, it looks great! One question, will you be adding a lyrics pane?

  12. FofR Says:

    No but I am making it very easy to make custom tabs…

  13. leroi14 Says:

    Yeah, it has always been very easy to customize the content of the 3rd panel, if you could find a way to let more panels created, and their text displayed, it would be great :)

  14. Iscaryoth Says:

    The relative path change just forced me to add ../.. to the cover search paths, however i notice a small glitch – when dragging the window (i’m using gsm_flv_mod_1_5) i need to do it veeery slowly, as when the cursor gets out of the window frame it just stops, and behaves unpredictably. :/

  15. FofR Says:

    Here’s a new preview:

  16. legzalito Says:

    geez ! You sure know how to tease us :)

  17. Tony Bernardo Says:

    How long until it’s released?

  18. Tony Bernardo Says:

    PS, what visual style is that you’re running?