PanelsUI 0.7.0 beta released
March 1st, 2007, posted by FofR

Terrestrial has just released the latest version of his PanelsUI component. With it come a few new features.


  • Multiple buttons over same area can be executed
  • Move window by click & drag on empty area
  • Button to set window size: WINDOWSIZE:width:height
  • Moved location of PanelsUI subfolder from profile directory to foobar directory
  • “context-selected” and “context-playing” options for buttons
  • Various bug fixes / improvements

Note the highlighted text – when upgrading make sure to have a backup of your existing PanelsUI directory which is situated in foobar’s profile folder, for example: “C:\Documents and Settings\USER\Application Data\foobar2000\PanelsUI“. It has now moved and you will have to copy this backup into the foobar application directory, e.g. “C:\Program Files\foobar2000\PanelsUI“.

Download PanelsUI 0.7.0 beta

When executing multiple buttons (i.e. four buttons that cover the same area, when clicked each is executed sequentially), if one of these actions is from the context menu or main menu the sequential execution will stop, thus any actions after this point will not be performed. It is important to layer your buttons in the correct order. A general rule of thumb – set PVARs first, then perform your PanelsUI functions (e.g. a window resize), then perform your final main menu or context menu action.

3 Responses to “PanelsUI 0.7.0 beta released”

  1. brumal Says:

    I would advise people skip this particular release as it seems to have some issues.

  2. funKiE Says:

    Thanks for reporting this!. I’m constantly checking the RSS Feed I have from this website, to see if you post anything or have done any updates to your configuration. :) .

    I’ve made a couple of changes to the config (0.4) But they are just image-wise and I removed a couple of things :) .~~

    Thanks a lot once again for sharing this with the fooCommunity! :) .

  3. Jeff Says:

    For some reason my covers on “now playing” are both the same opacity and not the iTunes look (bottom image is reflection that is lower opacity). How do I fix this. I am somewhat new (~1day) to modifying foobar, but this is addicting and I am glad I found foobar.