A PanelsUI update, beta 0.7.5
March 7th, 2007, posted by FofR

The changelist states:


  • Tooltips for buttons. (add TOOLTIP:mytooltip or TOOLTIP:”my tooltip” to override the default)

  • Free cached images in not used for a while

  • Options for WINDOWSIZE to set anchor points (eg: WINDOWSIZE:x:y:LEFT:TOP, WINDOWSIZE:x:y:RIGHT:BOTTOM, etc)

Download Version 0.7.5

4 Responses to “A PanelsUI update, beta 0.7.5”

  1. funKiE Says:


    UPDATING!!! :D

  2. brumal Says:

    W00t! The issues I had with my configs are gone.

  3. ravensoft Says:

    I downloaded from the link and its the same beta version 0.7.3 from March 3, 2007.

  4. D Says:

    Sorry to query you, it seems it was a false positive, and using AHK to decompile the exe shows that the code is indeed as you specified.

    I apologise.