Foo blue & black, by dawxxx666
April 28th, 2007, posted by dawxxx666

My new foo with download:


Download FOO

1. Copy folder “foo_ui_panels” to foo main catalog/components
2. Copy cbw_hooks to components.
3. Create folder “PanelsUI” in main foo catalog.
4. Copy dawxxx666nextgen.pui to PanelsUI.
5. Copy all folders from images to foo main catalog/images
6. Ctrl+P, Display->PanelsUI->Change Layout to dawxxx666nextgen. pui
7. Add files to foo media library
8. Click rmb on playlist->Sort/group by-> Artist
9. If you can’t see titles on playlist, change Row height: 14 and Group rows: 4
10. Uncheck the “user_profile_enabled”.

More info here


11 Responses to “Foo blue & black, by dawxxx666”

  1. shakey_snake Says:

    do you have permission from the component maintainers to distribute their components like this?
    What about the fonts?

  2. Numerik Says:

    shakey_snake, if dawxxx666 have this post here, he have the permission of FofR… For the fonts simply put them on the fonts folder on windows that’s all ;)

    dawxxx666 what is RMB?? And where your uncheck the “user_profile_enabled”?

  3. Sharingan Says:


    RMB = right mouse button

    Unmark the ‘Enable user profile support’ in Preferences > General

  4. dawxxx666 Says:

    1) Right Mouse Button;)
    2) In preferences->general. Otherwise try to copy folder “images” to C:\Documents and Settings\”USERNAME”\Application Data\foobar2000

  5. dawxxx666 Says:

    If someone get problem, click “More info” in first post

  6. FofR Says:

    I haven’t given any permission, the file is hosted at HA who are normally very stringent when it comes to these matters, so I will leave this with them.

  7. fUnKiE Says:

    How do I add files to this? Like I want to add 30 directories, how do I do that without the “File” menu oo;!?

  8. Numerik Says:

    thank you very much dawxxx666

  9. Kyle Laauser Says:

    i know you said to post replies on the other website, but my account has been locked for 3 days?! i dont know, i just thought id see you might be able to insert a quick search panel into the next version?

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