FofR Configuration Pack v0.2
February 20th, 2007, posted by FofR

Many have asked for this, rather than rush out the first release I spent a while refining the code and commenting the various sections. Hopefully everything will be relatively understandable. All image sources are defined in variables at the top of the code, as are font sizes, colours and alignment variables. Please look at the readme.txt file which contains links and information about the required components, fonts and images. The code is in the new standard .pui format which should be placed in your ” C:\Documents and Settings\USER\Application Data\foobar2000\PanelsUI” folder and loaded through Foobar2000′s PanelsUI preferences dialogue.

The code has been released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 license which allows derivative works. Please do not remove the link back to this website or the copyright information.

Download Version 0.2

I am now openly accepting feature requests and answering questions. NOTE: For Single Column Playlist, Row Height: 17, Group Rows: 5. My Windows Visual Style is Inverso Reborn Balanced and a discussion and link can be found here. A good resource for downloading artist images is

Components Required

Latest Version of PanelsUI
Quick Search
Custom info
CWB Hooks
Foo Run
Album List Panel
Windows Explorer Panel (direct link)


Calibri – Comes with Windows Vista and cannot be redistributed (but you may find a site that has it)


foobar-feb14-conf-anim.gif foobar-14thfeb-anim.gif Track Display

EDIT: Added direct download link for Explorer panel.

9 Responses to “FofR Configuration Pack v0.2”

  1. Joe Says:

    No buttons?

  2. FofR Says:

    I use a multimedia keyboard and lots of global shortcuts. I can build in some button functions into the next release if people want it.

  3. Joe Says:

    Err, looking at your screenshots, I noriced that the buttons don’t show up for me (at the bottom). I don’t user ‘per user’ settings in foobar so I placed everthing in my c:\program files\foobar folder. I put the pui file in PanelsUI, which works, and the fonts work, but the button don’t show up; however, their functionality exists (just click the black space where the buttons should be).

  4. Joe Says:

    Also, on my ‘now playing’ page, I have a mirrored effect with the album art. Is this normal? I’d rather only have the original album art appearing and not its vertically mirrored one.

  5. FofR Says:

    The images in the pack are not working because you need to change the paths for each of them. In my next release I am collecting the image paths into one global variable, which when altered should fix all the images in the file. It is something I overlooked originally but has since been pointed out to me.

    Because your images aren’t working the “dark reflection” image is not showing and thus instead of album art that fades out you are left with an exact reflection.

    Buttons do continue to work when the images are not loaded.

    Hope this helps.

  6. Joe Says:

    OK! This is the last time! :P

    *Here is a picture of my *edited PanelsUI

    *Here is the result

    Is there another area that needs edited? I changed all the paths and the buttons now show up except for quick search and of course the now playing thing.

    Hopefully you can provide a more exact procedure to fix this problem? Cheers

  7. Rhand Says:

    This is really great, only one thing.
    I use Playlist Switcher how do i configure this next to the track shuffle.
    I also would like buttons!

    Thank you its a great config.

  8. shootingstars Says:

    Thanks FofR! I would like to request a progress bar that is capable of being clicked to advance/move back the track. I’m not sure if that is possible, or not. Also, I personally really dug that light blue/white color scheme you had going, and I would be down to see more like that. Thanks again, kick-butt work!

  9. Vevan Says:

    The links to Quick Search and Custom Info appear to be dead :(